Friday, January 27, 2012


Everyone loves a good party!
Thank you to these bloggers who host great parties on their sites.

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"Aren't You Glad You Know Me?"

Sounds kind of snotty doesn't it?

In my work job as a media specialist in an elementary school of more than 600 people is all about helping people find the things they need and solve their problems!

This can be daunting....
It is often hectic....
But it is always rewarding!

The title of this post comes from the time I helped a student find the "lost" research paper on her computer.....
She had spent 2 weeks of painful work creating her masterpiece.... JUST DISAPPEARED!
When we found it....I jokingly asked her...."Aren't you glad you know me?"
Her response was a heartfelt "YES!"
Talk about heartwarming and rewarding!

Now I don't say this out loud too often.... (well not too often)
But I do think about it when the stress of the job is getting to me....

Is what I am doing making someone "glad they know me?"
If so....I am doing my job!

Take a minute to think about all of the people that would give that same heartfelt "YES" if you asked them the same question!
I bet there are lots!
In fact....make a list!
It is bound to make you glad you know YOU!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

It's ALL Martha Stewarts Fault!

Do you love or hate Martha?

Martha Stewart was really the forerunner/genesis of lifestyle blogging.  She started sharing her lifestyle hints back in the 80's.  I had a subscription to her magazine and saved every issue.

Seems everyone has an opinion of this lifestyle icon. Checkout the Wikipedia entry for Martha...
and this  great read on the subject of the Martha Love/Hate relationship!

It is really all about the true definition of STYLE....."a manner of doing something" and ATTITUDE- "position; opinion; viewpoint; outlook; perspective"
What I love about today's blogging resources is their ATTITUDE about STYLE
I realize that I am sooo over Martha Stewart because of her ATTITUDE about STYLE.

The attitude of Sweetwater Style is that style is fun....not fussy.
The attitude of Sweetwater Style is that stylish doesn't have to be perfect.
The attitude of Sweetwater Style is that style should bring you joy in the doing....not in the impressing of others.
The attitude of Sweetwater Style is that style should NOT be over the top just nice.
The attitude of Sweetwater Style is that style should make the people around you happier.

The blogs on my blog roll and mine (I hope) are a happy combination of the good ideas without the over the top "snootsy-ness".
When you read or watch Martha, don't you sometimes want to strangle her because she is so condescending?
In years past....I thought it was a compliment when someone told me I was "just like Martha Stewart".  Today I would answer.....God Forbid!  I would much rather be compared to some of the amazing bloggers out there.....
Hey,  "we got STYLE....with the right attitude!"  I bet you do too!
Do you LOVE or HATE Martha?  I would love to hear from you!